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Frankfurt am Main Assembly

Our Contact in Frankfurt:

Pastor David Damoah
Christ-For-All Evangelistic Ministries
Am Krebsbach 18
63486 Bruchköbel
Tel: +49 6181 618 24 39
Our Church Address in Frankfurt:

Evangelische Wicherngemeinde
Puetzer-Strasse 96A
60488 Frankfurt-Praumheim

Dortmund Church
Bless you for visiting us online. Should there be the need to contact us, please use our feedback form or you may e-mail us at info@christ-for-all.de

Our Assembly in Frankfurt am Main was established in Summer 2007 by Pastor David and his family. Moved by the passion for the lost in the Frankfurt am Main vicinity, Pastor David and family responded to the call to reach out to the broken and started the church with no members at all. Today the Assembly in Frankfurt has started growing rapidly.

For three years Pastor David concerntrated on the few the Lord has brought under his leadership and taught them sound doctine as found in the Scriptues. The few have become discipleship pillars reaching out to many.

Pastor David and his wife Mama Shirley are the resident Pastors for the Frankfurt am Main Assembly with Christ being the main head.

We invite you to see our meeting times here.


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