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Welcome to our Assemblies

Dortmund Assembly
Our Dortmund Assembly is the first church etablished among all the Christ-For-All assemblies.
It was founded upon sound doctrine and healthy worship. God therefore blessed the Assembly with a beautiful and dynamic Church Mass Choir Read on ...
Essen Assembly
The Assembly in Essen is the fast growing church among Christ-For-All chruches. Founded in Spring 2001 with 30 members from the mother Assembly in Dortmund, Essen Assembly has continuously grown in numbers Read on ...
Frankfurt Assembly
Our Assembly in Frankfurt am Main was established in Summer 2007 by Pastor David and his family. Moved by the passion for the lost in the Frankfurt am Main vicinity, Pastor David and family responded to the call to reach out to broken and started the church with no members at all, but today Read on ...
Hanau Assembly
Christ-For-All Hanau Assembly was founded by Pastor David in Winter 2011 whilst he was away on an assignment in Australia. It was established with only few members from the Frankfurt Assembly. The vision of establishing this assembly was first given to Pastor David right after establishing the Frankfurt Assmebly, but this vision tarried until Read on ...


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