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Hanau am Main Assembly

Our Contact in Hanau:

Pastor David Damoah
Christ-For-All Evangelistic Ministries
Am Krebsbach 18
63486 Bruchköbel
Tel: +49 6181 618 24 39
Our Church Address in Hanau:

Join us in the
Evangelische Christuskirche Hanau
Akademiestrasse 7
63450 Hanau

Dortmund Church
Bless you for visiting us online. Should there be the need to contact us, please use our feedback form or you may e-mail us at info@christ-for-all.de

Christ-For-All Hanau Assembly was founded by Pastor David in Winter 2011 whilst he was away on an assignment in Australia. It was established with only few members from the Frankfurt Assembly. The vision of establishing this assembly was first given to Pastor David right after establishing the Frankfurt Assmebly, but this vision tarried until God's own appointed time.

While Pastor David was away, the vision was carried on by his wife Mama Shirley assisted by brother Dan and others.

Pastor David and his wife Mama Shirley are the resident Pastors for the Hanau Assembly with Christ being the main head.

We invite you to see our meeting times here.


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