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Essen Assembly

Our Contact in Essen:

Pastor Oscar Ampofoh
Christ-For-All Evangelistic Ministries
Grillo-Strasse 2
45141 Essen
Tel: +49 201 316 33 19
Our Church Address in Essen:

Evangelische Luthergemeinde
Martin-Luther-Strasse 116
45144 Essen-West

Dortmund Church
Bless you for visiting us online. Should there be the need to contact us, please use our feedback form or you may e-mail us at info@christ-for-all.de

Our Essen Assembly was founded as a result of re-grouping the membership into areas and to ensure the the members do not travel far to church services.

Essen Assembly has become the fast growing church among Christ-For-All chruches. Founded in Spring 2001 with 30 members from the mother Assembly in Dortmund, Essen Assembly has continuously grown in numbers. God has blessed this assembly with a dedicated deacons and deaconesses board.

Sound doctrine and healthy worship is the foundation of this Assembly.

Pastor Oscar and his wife Mama Foriwaa are the resident Pastors for the Essen Assembly with Christ being the main head.

We invite you to see our meeting times here.


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