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Welcome to Pastor Oscar's Page:

For further information, please contact Pastor Oscar Ampofoh,
Grillo-Strasse 2, 45141 Essen, Germnay, Tel. +49 (0) 172 254 60 57

Pastor Oscar Ampofoh is the resident Pastor for the Essen Assembly of Christ-for-All Evangelistic Ministries. He has deligently served in this church and excercised an extensive leadership qualities. He has served as the head of the Men's Ministry and as the head of the church finance. He is presently the Pastor presiding the church branch in Essen, Germany.

Pastor Oscar was entrusted with Essen Assembly with nearly 40 members. Today the church is among thr most growing churches in the area due to his God-fearing and Spirit-led leadership.

He has a Pastorial gift and a gift of an Evangelist He is ordained into the office of a Pastor.

He is married to Mrs Foriwaa Ampofoh. They have two adult children: Kofi and Christabel


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