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Welcome to Pastor Francis' Corner:

For further information, please contact Pastor Francis Amoah,
Middendorf-Strasse 4, 44143 Dortmund, Germnay, Tel. +49 (0) 177 295 19 02

Pastor Francis Amoah is the resident Pastor of Christ-For-All Assembly in Dortmund and the Senior Pastor of Christ-For-All. He is among the pioneers of this church. Though a new convert when it all began in August 1993, he has diligently served and allowed the Spirit of God to reform and transform him to be the most humble person who can rightly lead this church. He has served as the head of the Evangelism and Outreach Ministry, as a Head Deacon and Prsiding Elder until he was ordained as a Pastor.

Pastor Amoah holds the gifts of a Prophet and Pastor.

He is married to Mrs Juliana Amoah. They have three children: Birgit, Jacqueline and Francis Jnr.


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